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2017-02-03 10:02:38 (UTC)

negativity rant

AN HOUR RANT an hour ago
Why does it negativity even existed! Its been only when am alone with another person that its appears to feel completely stupid daughter to even try tell the real truth or some of it for that matter. Am trying figure that part out! Or when does that person brave enough to SAY it be there other child who's now is an adult. Doesn't see the change of there old character when I was just a native kid, I didn't have proper way to ask what I wanted to get out if it or didn't know how to speak to someone within opened mind. I have nothing to say to because its easier being silent, yet again isn't a great idea either I should able to defend myself when I needed too. So well, when does apply to me? and how did this impacted my life. Since I ever had told her about my boyfriend she holds that against me, it really hurts me deeply and knowing how she can say words without a care to her. It feels am NOT a person at all, when i look down upon! smh!
Well you know about the few days ago have been doing the SAP Petition well i didn't know you had to print the four short quizzes out by your student email, well i should've pain better to attention(the last was done at 10:51am).So its all completed just submit in to financed aid and continue to keep a look out! So that's all done but i do on Monday morning i am hoping for the best. So now can focus on what's real matters my education and enjoying life with my boyfriend. I know this weekend a long one i feel it in my gut. God give me guidance and unedifying love for me as a young woman. Amen!