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2017-02-02 21:02:46 (UTC)

Scary Moment about to happen

Well, I sorta asked someone out. I actually tried the online dating thing. Yes, Mr. "I don't believe in that crap" went and tried it. I either said or thought for the longest time that this wasn't my thing. Then I thought life is too short so why be an ass about it and give it a go? Well, I went ahead and signed up. Chatted a little and had some chit-chat with a few ladies. I sort of took a liking to someone and tried to get her while she was online but couldn't hook up. So I emailed her instead. Seems lame to me to ask someone virtually to go out. Seems like a lack of balls thing to do but given the situation, I didn't really have a choice. Again, I'm trying to get into the current times and stuff.

Well, I got a response. To be honest, I'm a little scared. I mean my confidence isn't at an all time hight as it is and I'm really not in the mood to be turned down. So I'll let it sit for now I figure I better have dinner first before I lose my appetite. Till then.....

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