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2017-02-02 14:52:41 (UTC)

Our nation struggles. Small update & Missin' James

Odd week to say the least it really has thou. Today I was running late for both classes but today :( Lucky enough we had huge Debate on current issues (protesters, women rights, and how the our former Senator Sate for the President Trump was saying how she doesn't bide his outlook of the laws are being VIWED AS there interpretation is?, the way embarrassed her by publicly firing her. she had dishonored Him by saying No!) with politics rights and we all had different opinions. It was a good distraction for me I honestly enjoy it! I learned a lot, by it....I had finished my Rough draft essay one with three mins to spare. I honestly didn't like how had used my time wisely thou. UGH! I got good feedback, so that good start for this semester!
Groundhog came out and saw his shadow so that means spring is almost here yay!!!
So over the weekend hopefully be with my him, yesterday was 4 months and a year!
Somewhere in the early dawn that I had intense sex dream bout us' gosh! I missing him so much. I feel so sad when his texts he gives before I go bed. Luckily enough haven't cried in my sleep, it feels like barely making a effort to where I am as in my life. I know I can appreciate a lot more because when I am with him.
I know whenever I see my man, I might cry in his arms cause its BEEN A WHOLE MONTH!!!!