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2017-02-01 21:51:15 (UTC)

No nightmares for awhile

Yay!! Finally been nightmare free for about a week now. Of course, I'm gonna jinx myself and have one tonight. Oh well. One week? I 'll take it. Lots of things going on but just wanted to mention this. No sure if it's my diet or what. I've been good. Eating blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. There is a place here that's a massive farmer's market and booth type vendors that I go to almost every Saturday now.

They actually test pretty sweet and I enjoy them. Starting to really like blackberries. Never really bought them because their about 5 bucks for a small pack. But at this place, it was a dollar a pack. So I bought 5 of them. Blueberries are priced really cheap too. 5 bucks for 3 packs.

I still look fat and overweight though so that hasn't changed. lol

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