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2017-02-01 14:04:22 (UTC)


Dear dairy,
(these conversation with my counselor) Got say what say now! Good news! GPA 2.4 Good considering what three years had torn up for me! Do longer on academic probation anymore. So now is to complete 12 units this spring semester till 2018' I also need to receive B's and few C's. Continue to commutate with my professors and connected to my peers in some sorta way now. I had maxi out my SAP Petition and re-submit tmw back on campus. Honestly I was pissed I couldn't finished the confirm part! I didn't need the EXTRA stress it happened so gotta rush out to turn in once again! Praying to God each time I freak out! I hope hears these prayers.
Essay 1 due rough draft tmw
Also due final draft of Essay 1 for next Thur
Study for Exam 1 Friday and Sunday for next Wed * Math 90
Study G. Exam 1 for next Tues
So I see you guys later, just had to post it! I was going rant eventually I know that for sure.