Experienced Life
2017-01-28 01:18:43 (UTC)

Bad day at work

Man, today was a really offed up day at work. Being pulled in so many directions. Configuring a Fortinet firewall, Nexus 5996, and a Juniper 8200. Well, I was rushed to get stuff done last minute as usual. Rushing stuff to be done, I really effed up on the Juniper. All because I was rushing and my normal train of thought was not there. I must've taken down a few networks today. I can't believe I did it too. My configs was just screaming at me that it was wrong and I missed it. Long story short, my stress at work and having to rush things made me fuck up.
I can't believe I did that. I am so detailed in what I do and document things so well. Not today or at least not yesterday. Sigh...

And I didn't get laid in awhile. Lack of sex must make me stupid :)

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