always wth love

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2017-01-27 11:12:50 (UTC)

The Phone Calls

I called Him last night, its been missing his voice lately so much time apart have been good, but I surely do. I felt very utterly nervous when I spoke to him, am scared. He wants me hangout tomorrow nite? I said would have ask? So I felt like did something wrong? UGH! Don't know what am going to do? I was frozen last night when Id text as well, I have no clue what am going to say when he texts me tonight or tomorrow even I just don't have time to figure it out!! When id asked him called Me again, I felt ok? I was still stuck , nothing was coming to mind it was a blank place. I don't want tomorrow is going bring am trying not to panic, I honestly already happened. I asked him if I could hangout over his or mine house? that would a good, he really wanted to go somewhere... I felt torn a bit..i was silent...
around 4am this morning my alarm goes off! I had another dream bout us, this time completely hearing your voice asking me if I was wake? I turnt over and gave a smile and you kissed me like you've done just a month ago, it felt good to dream that. BUT after I woke up I felt heavily nauseous also just came off a few days ago.
I will be back in March 16 instead see you guys later