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2017-01-27 11:57:19 (UTC)


I see so many movies about girl friendships and how close they are and hpw they grew up together but it means NOTHING TO ME.

it does. It means so much. I know Meggan and Rosie grew up together and no matter what at least they know they'll always have each other. That's how I felt with Jade. I had heart broken. No not in a fucking romantic way. I had so much trust and faith in her and i invested so much money and time in her, and what did I get . betrayal . it still makes me cry.
why did you do that to me. All i ever did was love you and protect you and try my hardest to make you feel included despite how antisocial and anxious you were. Everything.
I think about all the movie marathons. The nights we watched the Land Before Time and both kept waking up to that one part. The time we watched al the Saws and made that layered jelly until 4am. When you bought that pack of cigarettes without getting ID'd. When you got that new house that you hated, Whe n your mum got raped. When we used to go try all the make up on in price line. When we you dropped out and i did everything to bring you back into the group. When we snuck out when we went camping with my family, When we got drunk on Rosè before school finishd and couldn;t go home, when he got caught stealing at Kmart. I don't know why,you did this to me. I was nothing but good to you. you changed my whole perspective on people especiall girls.


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