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me and my life
2017-01-25 18:01:37 (UTC)

Fight me n v

Not fight as such but argument. Ine thg abt v is that he misunderstands a lot which ends up with argument between us. And he gets angry over silly thgs. We had promises to be bff before and den lovers but thats fading in him. M not complaing just that he might get posessive abt me. We patchup vry soon coz i approach n make him undwrstand but not evrytime. This time i had no little fault. And this time m not going to him. Be it he says sorry later to me but i believe one must have maturity sense.
Tom is no office how relaxing it is...
Kerla trip is planned. No satisfaction in life in terms of job money n peace of mind. God bless me. Thx for everythg.