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2017-01-24 22:56:58 (UTC)

I messed up last Monday night

Well, I fucked up. Last Monday, I did something stupid and because I live alone, it could've been really bad. After dart league, I went home and was hungry. I've been drinking from darts and had a great time. I used Lyft (like a Ube) to take me there and take me home. All good right? Not!!! I heated up some frozen bagel bites and I didn't want my eggs to spoil so I started boiling them so I can have one or two in my salad.

Well, I sat on the lazy boy and lazied away. Fell asleep and woke up to the smoke detectors blaring. Not just one. I mean all of them in each and every room. I woke up to a fog but it wasn't fog, it was smoke. The entire house was full of smoke. I had to open some windows and started fanning the front door back and forth hoping to fan the smoke out of the house. I turned on the A/C fan to blow air into the house. while I flapped away with the freaking door. I tried to time it so that while the smoke alarm was at it's quietest, I had the door open. So here I am like a fool timing the smoke alarm trying to fan the smoke with the front door.

I don't know how late it was. I was somewhat hungover, tired, and cold. I managed to fan enough smoke out to stop the alarm. Then I opened the windows and had fresh air pumped into the house with the a/c fan. In the morning, everything still smelled like burnt food. I checked the pot of eggs that I was boiling. Of course, the water all dried up and the eggs had exploded all over the stove. lol. There was hardly any egg left in the pot. I had to laugh it looked so funny. I really fucked up. I checked the oven and the frozen bagel bites looked like small chocolate doughnuts from being burnt to a crisp. haha

Anyway, I survived. Sadly it does remind me of how alone I was and I'm always on a tight rope in life. No one here to help me in case I slip up. I don't know how I woke up. I should've stayed passed out from all the smoke I was inhaling. Same with kayak fishing. I fish alone a lot and can't slip up in the river or get in trouble.

Well, I lived to fight another day. Or should I say survive another day. Just as I expected it to be for me in 2017. Sigh...