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2017-01-22 00:20:16 (UTC)

women's March

There's a certain narcissim that I associate with protesting - or some protesters, a certain kind of protester - I should say. There was a time when protest in the form of marching was truly bold and going against the grain. In those eras where free speech was more elusive, and there was visible oppression. I think of the protests of the civil rights acitivists in the 1950s and 60s of course, where the risks involved were life or death. Now though, in a place ilke the UK where freedom of speech can be seen everywhere, where you're congratulated rather than villified for protesting, where those who march can return to the comfort of their homes that same evening turn on game of thrones and act as if nothing is happening, in a place like the UK, marching seems kind of self indulgent no? Something people do to present themselves in a certain light - protesting is cool now, right? going against the grain is in vogue. It's all good when you're doing it in a really cushioned way. Where there's no threat of tear gas of being struck with batons, it's like fighting for freedom in a place where freedom more or less exists. I'm a woman.

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