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2017-01-19 15:20:38 (UTC)

Beginning New Slate

How can put this into words, well decide to post once a month on here, starting from 16th or 19th. to give to you guys a better picture of who I am in my life... (EVERYTHING IS EVERYWHERE so just know that rush of thoughts crashing in my mind!). Tuesday was strange morning BUT very chill also I just tried my best not too heavily over think of my boyfriend. As for yesterday it was some regular day, I saw Rebekah I was excited to see her! We talked bout our winter break , she was also upset that I didn't get that kiss on news years too, I couldn't really blame her (I felt that same way also). She has a lot of energy to explain really? :) ...anyway so far in the 1st week was okay... I love all my professors that I have this semester! I saw former classmates while I was walking to my next class TODAY, it good seeing them, mostly I couldn't stop think of my man. I couldn't keep my thoughts of you under long stench see that smile of yours! Even thou it was pouring heavily last 24 hrs you were in my thoughts. I have a bit homework but not too much to stress over. I notice through texts have felt a shift what I wanted to say to you? I have already gave you my heart and my flaws to YOU. Hopefully I can see what were you meant by "i wont hold back"... a lot me wants you but, am thinking someday will come again :D My new motto of life is "Someday"-------- to stop keeping HIDEN towards your family
*James and me*
I think it was Monday dreams appear, when I was thinking of you and me walking around the mall suddenly stopping to kiss me in a different spot that I couldn't keep that smile yours out of SIGHT. I know when we are together once more ill be, capable to say something more average conversations and keep an inappropriate out of it BECAUSE you fallen in love who I am with all my flaws.
I. So? Someday is what I want to be you, am gonna keep you close I have promised!
Austin Mahone - Better With You (this song explains US in a very well)
Do check out on youtube!
FUNNY CLIP* Stupid Lies I Believed for Way Too Long-Jaiden Animations
**** I DONT KOW FOR YET***If am going post on OUR first V day together its coming up soon.
Well I gotta run and finish up homework now, bye hopefully see you guys soon.