Sunset Bella

who stole my morning?
2017-01-18 02:50:09 (UTC)

rubbish bin

I hate it when I'm not feeling well. I hate the fact that I'm beginning to hate going to work anymore when you see the vision of yourself happy in other place not here. I am very down today and no pretending anymore but I still need to hold my feelings because I'm freaking grown-up person who needs to understand that reality really bites. But there's no other way but to accept it and move on. Just freaking move on.

I'm still in the permanent life situation which I'm wishing everyday that will ended soon because I'm in the chaos of just taking in the things that were been trapped and never want to go away. These are all rubbish! I mean, I'm tired of living and trying to just shake it off. Darling Myself! You're not happy anymore and that means you need to do something!

Change is the only permanent.
So why not change?

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