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2017-01-16 22:15:03 (UTC)

Where I am

Today I am in a bit of pain from neck pain. So I am going to bed early.
In terms of where I am :-
My Fitness:- I am a bit behind with my exercises. I play football now 3 days a week and I need to do my exercises early in the morning 5 days a week.
Eating Healthy: I plan to generally eat once a day (week days) and eat salad and sea based food
Golf: really behind in this one. I need to start practicing as I hope to play with some good players when I go on holiday in March
Spanish: I practice this everyday during my train ride into work
Current Affairs (Magazine): I have back logs. I need to ensure I complete reading (at least the major stories) during the current week.
Salsa: really bad. So far behind
My early morning (Quiet time); My prayers and bible reading (early in the morning) has been nonexistent. This has to change.
TDJ Sermon videos - This simply is my best teacher. His videos teach me about life, keeps me grounded, gives me wisdom and it is the food of my life. I have to find time (daily) to listen to this
Education (work knowledge): I am a bit worried about this as it is on the back burner this month of January. I need to continue to study and gain more knowledge needed for my work. I want to be very good at my job. The time is now to start saying I am good at my job not that I want to be good at my job.
Business: Now that our business has started, I need to have a handle on operational management as well as the middle to long term direction of the business. I also feel that apart from this business I need to start looking at other business opportunities.
My Parents: My parents are getting to the age now where I need to really spend time with them as they are not getting any older. My dad’s closest friend died recently. It brought this home to me. It is a subject i cannot continue to dodge.
Children: I love my children but I have to prepare myself. There are many aspects of their life I have no control so I have to be prepared to accept certain things in life that are beyond my control and not let it weaken me. I will continue to support them and show them love with every opportunity. I am also preparing myself mentally for any eventualities that woman decides to do. She is a vindictive cow so nothing is beyond her.
My Ex:- The little said about her the better. She has no integrity. Hence I have no iota of respect for her. It is such a shame but that is what it is. She lies and pretends. She is an isolationist with a bellicose character. It is amazing how much i have grown and see her clearly for who she is. The only asset the court awarded me – she went behind the court to sell. That is the kink in the armour of fraudulent people eventually the drop their guard.
Relationships: I am enjoying my relationships and generally not looking for an serious relationship with anyone right now. Sometimes I feel I have to stay single and sometimes I feel i don’t want to get old alone.