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2017-01-11 23:04:34 (UTC)

Finally hit the gun range

I took my Glock 26 and AR 15 out to do some shooting. Nothing like it. The blast, power, and skill needed to hit the targets accurately is like an art form. I just wanted to make sure I didn't shoot my finger off. It was fun. I have a scope mounted to my AR and it took awhile to zero in on it. Had to do a lot of adjusting. Ran out of time before I got it zeroed though. Time went by so quickly. The Glock has a strong trigger. I need to swap that puppy out to be more accurate.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Tomorrow, I go to the boxing gym again. I bet I still suck at jump roping but whatevs. It would be so cool to lose some weight and get toned up again. And who knows? Maybe I can look somewhat like I know how to box one day. Not to get into fights but at least I can show I have some skills. I'm hoping anyway.

I've been tired going to work. Not going to bed in a timely manner because of the nightmares and even when going to bed late, I still get nightmares. So.. lose lose situation.

I'll take some pills to help me get to sleep and maybe I can get some peaceful sleep.

That's all I got for now

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