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me and my life
2017-01-12 05:51:53 (UTC)

So far

Hi all.
Omg so much happened in this time. I guess i wrote abt shambhu n p misunderstanding tiff stuff. Now come is pcod thing v and me to doc and whole new thg of changing lifestyle. Doing yoga n sweating workouts in the morni g and eating clean no sugar n no stress and m trying to do dis all. Coz i want to make 2017 good for me and i can only do best for me. V is very supporting. V is also getting serious abt his career n tryung hands in business n m helping him for same.
S the bitch is coming back in mumbai office and that big pain in my ass. N pain is ass is not at all good. I pray n wish that i shud get some good job before she arrives. God help me!
She is bad. She is travling to countries and enjoying her life so well that make me feel jealous?? No but upsets me coz m nower near i wished i shud be in this age. N seeing good thgs happening to bad people make me go mad.
Anyways all r born with der own destiny i know i have very great things stored ahead. I belive in god.
Cya all