always wth love

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2017-01-11 09:37:16 (UTC)

Listen to wisdom (thinkin of u)

What appeared in the end of hours took hold of me that easier with my mom last night. She was telling the brutal truth I know she has knowledgeable words of someone that she loves, I always not good listening to her BUT she's knows how I adore him. So didn't take as punishment I took as "me time", I kept myself busy through the night till I called a nite, yet I was beginning to think of you while trying sleep. I thought how we met, the way I told him how I felt when you grabbed my hand and those side-hugs are something else to describe. its been two weeks ago, that kiss was something that I NEVER felt like that. I still get nervous around you I just don't get that at all. Am remembering the moments hours in the front seat making me laugh that I could be very happy. Youre smile is innocent and kind....when I woke up this morning am just enjoying each sec., I left before get back in the swing of things.
Id a nightmare during the dawn it was very blurry and haze, i was in a room think it was the bathroom burse up on left side of my stomach, i lift up my t-shirt I was in so pain then I don't know what else occurred though ---- that's when i woke up at 3;30am. than slept for an hour