Experienced Life
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2017-01-11 06:14:40 (UTC)

Life at Work

My job is in I.T. specifically Networking. NO, I don't fix computers. That isn't what I do even though that is what most people see us as doing. Anyway, I got pulled into a big ass conference call to troubleshoot a problem. By the time I chimed in, there were already 8 people in conference. They of course blamed the Network as usual without any real proof. Whatever tests they ran, they always think the firewall is blocking connectivity.

I instead asked about their server which they manage and take care of. After just asking a few questions and some testing, I was able to prove that it was the server. The problem was so easy to find with a few basic questions that it made those people that setup that big ass conference call look really stupid. I couldn't believe it and was just shaking my head and making faces over the phone. I mean we are talking about a lot of people on the other end. Some were on the conference call and some weren't so over a dozen peeps? It made me look good though. Came outta there smelling like roses.

That's all I got. Still getting drama nightmares but I can't control that so I wake up tired and mentally exhausted again. Sigh... that's all I got for now diary :(