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2017-01-09 22:40:00 (UTC)

Good Night at Dart league

So :) We kicked butt at darts tonight. Rumor has it that my darts were lighting it up tonight!!! Yeah!! I dunno because I was in a constant buzz but I'll take it. Anything that'll instill fear in the other players works for me. But yeah, we kicked butt tonight. Final score was 10-5. We spanked them good. lol

I freaking love playing darts. Sure, I had surgery and I don't have 100% feeling in my fingers but I can still kick butt. We are currently in first place in our league so we are the team to topple. haha. That was the highlight of my day. Just some dart league butt kicking. One night of having fun is priceless. I love it and wouldn't give it up for anything right now. The is my high and I will ride it as long as I can.