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2017-01-10 08:57:05 (UTC)

Gone Wrong! 2

Gone Wrong! 2, What hell happened last night ? It wasn't called for it worst part of night alone in my thoughts of thinking of him , then finally slept until 4a.... it turnt into a brutal relationship to being SLAMMED with disappointment of failures from being stuck ONE spot for bout 4 years now at community college! So I try my very best explain the best way I know how, she just supposed the worst of all. She sees my eyes as lies now, that it couldn't more than what I read or watch on tv to damage my heart and mind of that matter. I so wont put through this for next six months over drama. ill cut tides with him starting today on this foggy morning. I wont even think heavily over him not anymore. I feel its better to distance myself from next month too. She is good making threats to easily enough I stop to say damn word.....about an hour before she left to work very EXTREMELY lecture of how I spoken to him since we kissed about few months ago. The words you used werent supposed to say at all "i cant wait, thirsty".... I've been overusing "patience" EVER AGAIN in easier terms nothing physical contact! (I wont be fake image of me)
Am good at ghosting from people once before I didn't while in high school, so am ready to do it again :( am going back to "mute" wont say word.