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2017-01-10 15:40:43 (UTC)


Last night I had one of those irritating 'out of reach' type of dreams.

In the dream I was a temp receptionist at a corporate office. it was just before christmas and everyone was going off on holiday. It was like the last day or something - that period where no one works and all they do is eat treats and walk around looking for discraction. So for some reason there was a delicisious cake like the one from patiserie valerie. It had all this white cream cheese all over. but not just cream cheese, it was like that layer that you get in tiramisu before the spongey bit. Like really dessert-like cheese. So everyone came and took their slice, and there must have been 3-4 generous slices left and all i could think of was how nice it would be to take it home and have all to myself. It was nearing the end of the day and everyone was getting ready to walk out the building, coats on bags in hand etc. and i think everyone else had taken a piece, this is my chance. so i frantically rummage around the office kitchen for a piece of tupperware. I get lucky and find a round one, large enough to fit the cake in. then i make the transfer, being careful to keep as much of the cheese on the cake and not lose any on the sides of the container. as soon as I transfer the cake into the tupperware, some blonde woman walks over and says 'oh can i have a slice?' Obviously i'm caught slightly off guard, since i was pretty sure that every one in the office had taken a piece and the coast was clear. so i make the obligatory sounds 'OOH OF COURSE, HELP YOURSELF, LET ME GET YOU A KNIFE' all the while i'm thinking for fuck sake. she comes and takes a slice of the cake, decreasing its size significantly. Then i wake up to the sound of my house making a racket.

On a different note, sleeping with ear plugs in your ears really helps you sleep. but it also stops you from hearing anything. I missed my alarm yesterday and woke up late cos i couldn't hear shit. not a thing. usually i'm woken up by the sound of the builders next door drilling something. but today and yesterday, no