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2017-01-09 09:19:07 (UTC)

01.08.17 (anxious day 1)

Anxious Day (appearances)
I wasn't myself at all, I was closed off by what I has to become normal time and time again! I didn't want leave the house for no reason at all, so instead my mom kept me busy by helping her what she had a lot do and I pitched in so it wont any drama took place.
It was an the late evening that she wanted me to join her to pick my brother--- she asked about time my classes start? I told her while passing the time while holding our small dog that wont stay still when the car is in motion. it was good distraction to not think heavily about anxiety. On our way back it was mixed with a emotions, my mom said to meeee and my brother: O, look his outside?, oh yeah I see him . I was nervous when I saw him, his attire was warm and comfortable still look good even though getting rid this cold.
Once id texted him, I felt uncomfortable in my skin but I have tired to talk normal YET I was anxious. His words are comforting to me that I adore.