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2017-01-08 10:03:27 (UTC)

Speak again 2.0 appearanced to be said once at 22

Speak again 2.0
So much to say that cant put in a few words ill try my bested!. so I got food poison again while I was out with our cousin for breakfasted, also saw an old teacher that used to work at my high school--- he was also my brother teacher too.
I have also texted M and Erkia a bit, as for M she surprised me the most because, she told me churchgurl friend lets just say her name is "K"....have asked about what I have been up to? We have barely spoke to each other anyway, she was near churchgurl most of the time. She had tight friendship with churchgurl, it was rare moments I saw them alone.
(this around 6 in the evening to 10 at night)
So around evening I was very thirsty for him I couldn't settle my urges of him they're tense that I couldn't stop my mind and heart from racing from those conversations. He said he would try satisfy my thirst when we hang out soon enough when we are together.
Being his "secret" is hard sometimes but I don't mind his good at making it up to me when we are together, I don't have worry about that. ...
M said i need to open up more i do believe she's right bout that , specially whenever we get to go back bible probably NOT straight right way but hopefully soon like the next month.
I still hard trust people but am trying opened minded and not judge me like they do me, am tired of the game myself.