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2017-01-08 00:47:08 (UTC)

1/6/17 Thursday

All good thought we could stay here for another year. Came to the room. Started talking how his sister was self absorbed then I mentioned his other sister not loved as much. 又是话太多。 he first said it's rude then went in we don't get along then get out. He told me his parents 不管。not like what we thought 爷爷镇住他了。he doesn't give a shit. Told Yung. Yung ask me to ask him. If really so, no need to stay here and suffer. Back to the room after shower and Jz bath. I bumped his arm trying to take off top. Was crying while bath. The new toothbrush I bought for him is probably too rough he won't let me brush his teeth. Fell asleep while feeding. Too tired these days. The room is cold.