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2017-01-06 14:05:12 (UTC)

Isn't Alright to It's Alright

Isn't Alright to It's Alright ( Starting Over)
How do I feel now? I feel completely calm it took all morning till' midafternoon. I feel alright. I wasn't myself most of the day hopefully latter tonight is the same as right now. I need to get this under control for myself and not just because my boyfriend, I get that now.
I'll be alright, when I see him, I have to stop worrying over my depression isn't good burying myself in a loop fear.
I loose my appetite and then am finally be starving for hours to come that I don't have proper way to explain to them or myself most times.
I don't what say about that one for sure...
I will be see James next week, a great way to end winter break, holding hands in all.
I'll try update as much as I can everybody, have a nice weekend.
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