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2017-01-05 08:00:56 (UTC)

James is sick :(

I feel but hurt inside and alone a bit, texted James last night he got sick. I wont see him all at :-(
Hopefully I can be with him soon, I was angry and selfish too..I couldn't help myself though. I felt so torn about it.... Told him to have a lot water and orange, eat soup for a little while till strong once again. I might text him later by the weekend so can feel more focus and less weak.
I texted M about what unfortunately happened? she offer to take me BUT I'd to decline, to wait till he got better. M was worried about me ,you just need to not completely wrapped up about him though.
I know I am, I cant help it. He's always there for me so I couldn't leave alone just cuz his sick. I told her not worried bout me, ill be back to normal soon enough because looking forward to being in college again.
I truly miss my teddy.
ill try update better entry sometime today
xx V