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2017-01-05 10:57:21 (UTC)


Calm reigns within me.

My son has gone for a day operation today to remove his tonsils. He called me early this morning on his mother’s phone. The call actually woke me up. You can imagine the shock of seeing her name flashing on my phone first thing in the morning. Contemplated before finally picking up! Glad it was him. I pray it all goes well today and he is back home later and all well and good. Since the email she wrote to me telling me I was an absentee father and I was not going to have the children for boxing day (overnight stay) we have not made any contact. She was obviously waiting for me to come to her again asking for them to stay with me over the NY weekend since it fell on the weekend I am supposed to have them but as it falls on a holiday weekend she should have come up with a reasonable arrangement for the long weekend but I didn’t hear from her and I refused to make contact. I agreed to everything that woman said for over 15 years but enough is enough.

I have lost every respect I had for her. She has no integrity, she basis everything she does on lies and pretence. The only asset I got from court was a small piece of property (land) overseas and when I went over there last Christmas I discovered she had sold the land even though it was awarded to me by the court. The thing about people that are wicked, pretentious and fraudulent is that they always need to cover their tracks and be on their guard but slippage exposes them. This is the case here. Once I get the proof of sale I will send it to the court to request that she pays me every cent from the sale. Yet she goes on social media to talk about values of life and how people should live righteous life. It’s all humbuggery.