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2017-01-05 01:12:23 (UTC)

@nd Day of Boxing

Well, I learned that the bag hanging on a piece of wood that gets bounced around is called a speed bag. Lol. I learned what right hook is. All this time I thought if was a punch that resembled a fishing hook but I think that punch is called an uppercut. So yeah, I learned a few punches today and got to throw a few combination punches.

Did better on the speed bag this time. I did manage to have some sort of consistency . I learned to hit this bag that swung around near shoulder level. It's a bitch to hit the second time. First hit is fine, then when it wobbles around then the timing has to be right.

I did better on the jump rope. Still got tangled a lot but that was now more due to exhaustion and not coordination. Sorry but my fat belly can't jump around for more than a few min before getting tired.

Lifted some weights and did some stomach crunches. So tonight, I still wanted to pass out after the training but it wasn't as bad a the first night. I managed to drive home. Funny thing is that after all that workout, I'm not wanting to drink anything. I mean alcohol drinks which surprises the shit outta me. I usually have a tequila sunrise or two by now.

This is a fun hobby. It's not just running on a treadmill. It's actually a very good exercise but you develop a skill too. I'll never want to get into a fight but it would be great one day that after all that sweating around losing weight, I'd have a skill to show for it too.

Anyway, no drama today. Thanks again diary for letting me rant, post or whatever it is I'm doing here.