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2017-01-04 11:17:45 (UTC)

Things i forgot to mention

A load many things i had on the brain!
(this all over the place of this entry, sorry but that's how my mined worked today)
Textbooks are expensive as fuck! I basically have used books for spring semester. Even thou, I try think very smart, I feel money is always is an issue. Man I hope this extreme overload of classes wont consume me, by then it would be unpleasant to deal with for the six months. Im trynna be more all right with it, cause don't want be a daughter, sister and more important girlfriend that fails to accomplish this before spring break to appear again! Oh on Monday or Tuesday of this week, sis texted and asked me if I have a job?? No not yet, I want to feel more stable in my degree. I have thought bout get a job, several times, she knows now that I want one. I just need be more mental stable and confident to balance a part-time job and college. Sis sure me that am on the right path that's good to hear from that her bc, how over the pasted three years has toughest part of who am now.
I have shoot an email to Yellowish green eyes wasn't so happy that i gotten C's . Hopefully i can fill it with some B's. To have a been looking transcript when I final transfer to CSUSB.
Me and M have texting a lot since she goes back next week, I hope my Erika is feeling better soon she doesn't go back yet, but it sucks she's sick about an week now. My girl Alisha she doing well has her own place now. I have spoken to one of the sisters Gaby, she doing great, busy as well but its good consider last year was an hardship in 2016 for everybody who was an adult that includes me!
I texted Jazmine too, she quite interesting person to be honestly she was very smart in high school. But talking to her is different i like it, but i also feel very dumb around her too . I hopefully i can open up to her as well have done when i have met her in face to face.
A friend texted me back, saying the typical one line and gave that person a pass.
I haven't texted churchgurl in months it feels odd but am all right, we didn't end on best terms. I never told you guys what happened in the last 3 months of 2016. I still cant believe it myself honestly. Am done looking backwards in my faults of disappointments i cant go back even if i wanted too its nearly impossible.
My man texted me a bit pasted seven last night, he told bout his classes. And the normal conversations up to a good point! Then it gotten interesting an whole different way. Am looking forward for Friday what that night bring cause its all i can think bout heavy... UGH! my headaches are back :(
My sis "aunty" can never let it die, its funny how on Sunday she wanted all 2016 lifted in the pasted . Just in couple days later she EVER said those to me in anger over, by helping her clean up the kitchen a bit. She gives long lectures over money and my man its all she's sees in me when alone or when am out with him. Either way I never feel completely confident till graduate it. And get a job so she can respect me a bit more, hopefully she loose up her grip on same old lectures that are broken forever now! i was very native bout doing dumb-ass shit that caused unnecessary drama that I needed to take place at all..... Three weeks ago, on my last day of final week, i ran into Rebekah, i told her the good news that i had passed the class she reminds of Rachele. So am gonna be seeing her two weeks am excited i haven't seen her an while. i hope she got a car and hopefully an iPhone 6 too. Hopefully i can update her on my life a bit before we get slammed with loads of assignments! (I might be able to post the first week but am not 100% sure yet! )