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2017-01-03 22:46:21 (UTC)

New Year

Beginning of a new year.

Seriously looking forward to this year.

Everything should come together this year.

I intend to be debt free – so I start the process today. My business – I will consolidate and push forward on this front. My career – I have well defined plans and objectives.
I don’t really know what will happen regarding the children’s arrangement with my wife but I refuse to be her stooge. Whatever happens I am mentally prepared for t. I will as much as possible and feasible continue to provider fatherly advice and financial support as much as I can. She has no integrity. She sold the land – the only asset the court awarded me. I will pursue her in court for the proceeds of the sale.

I am more relaxed and confident in my ability. Things are clearer in my mind and I am heading towards the holy grail of a structured and organised life. I want to put my finances under full control. I have set my targets and will remain focused and disciplined. My social life is great as well. I am in no hurry to have any serious relationship right now so I am ok with the casual relationships although as human beings I have to be careful I don’t hurt anyone in the process and my intentions are always clear.