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2017-01-03 10:54:03 (UTC)

Chirstmas/ New Year 2017

Sorry I wasn't on here three weeks ago, I was busy with family and textin' my buddies on the same old damn phone. I have been enjoying every second with my bf and family.
I've got received the common gifts you get from Christmas. The best part my days were with my boyfriend honestly those more than I couldn't get enough of. On midnight of the New Year 2017 were most dangerously inspired. They were on first things were on my mind yesterday! Honestly, me and James were ready to jump of the tower, because it thrilling feeling in the pasted 24hrs. I saw him last Wednesday it was fun, he makes laugh its hard to think he's mine to have. We had deep conversations that made us really think our future. He sees me graduating to finish my A.A. We went to go see Passengers it was a good movie, I kissed once more on his arm again he liked them.
So now its 3 months this month is gonna fly by fasted!
I might see him this Friday before we both get busy again.... it will be great cause an gonna enjoy each second with him.
I wont tell you guys when first one took place. SORRY
I finished ONE TREE HILL last month also Daredrevil last night both seasons on Netflix.
In two weeks I will be back to school, Ill be busy so this gonna be break for while.
Ive been sleeping in a lot lately it feels good for my body.