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2017-01-03 08:48:30 (UTC)

1/2/17 Monday

The nanny said will come today but I stayed up whole night messaged her not to come but she didn't reply. Got up at 3. Came down. Hang out there. Sisters all came to eat. R was sleeping. Didn't let Jz nap hopefully he will sleep until next morning. Came to the room around 11. R 追着问我什么时候离开。躲都躲不了。就说你不是和我谈。我直接说你爸妈叫我走我就马上走。他本来说他们也要我走,他们肯定同意儿子,后来他说我是不是非要他们开口。我说是。he went to his parents room. I showered. 心里七上八下。Yung说爷爷怎么说就怎么做。I finished shower he just came back. He didn't say anything, started watching tv. Yung is right. 小小胜利。moves to next door, 儿子吃奶睡觉不用听心掉胆在他身边

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