2017-01-02 11:07:00 (UTC)

12/3/16 Saturday

Slept until 1. His mom was watching JZ. Fed JZ for nap but he woke up after I pulled nipples away. I went down to eat lunch. Brought JZ down for lunch. Decided to go Gigi. Got to her place before 6. R is going out. Left hers at 8:30. Jcpenney returned. So much trouble to go to stores with JZ nowadays. Target used $5 off $25. 顾不得dirty or germs, put JZ in cart and give him crackers. Home at 10. Instant noodles for me and fed him dinner. Upstairs shower. He pooped again. R came back at 12 when I was trying to feed JZ to sleep. 又精神的玩了一会,I was sleepy when he goes to sleep. Trying to decide when to do hair and lash.

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