2017-01-02 11:06:01 (UTC)

12/5/16 Monday

Woke up at 10. Got to cousin before 1. Ate lunch. Left Jz there. Office for an hour. Dad 胃镜. Argued 10亿的概念。waiting forever just to go in. Don't know if I'll wait this long once he goes inside. Bought frappucino. She made mistake so I got 2 drinks and I think she didn't charge me. He blamed me for dirty bibs I 顶嘴今天别人帮忙看,我忘了给。he got irritated said all things again. They were waiting for me but I didn't want go eat with him. Really want just fucking leave. Yung called about money. Stayed in room. Brought Jz up, I shower. Tried to feed Jz to sleep but he won't. It's after midnight again. The new nanny said she broke her leg need rest for 3 weeks. Is talking on wechat with the old nanny. Won't go to sleep. I went down to eat. Came up. R is still watching tv so loud. I'm so mad but it's not Jz fault. It's R fault. Still up at 2.

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