2017-01-02 11:05:32 (UTC)

12/6/16 Tuesday

Got up after 11. Jz was still sleeping. Told his mom about nanny and last night. Left house at 12. Whole Foods got sale steak and tomatoes and my favorite milk. Office at 2. Lunch at 4. Was calling credit cards. Home at 7:30. Jz just woke up. Thought tonight gonna be like last night again. His mom made dinner. Fed Jz pears I bought. Came up at 9. R put up the curtain. Shower. Called dad about foil. On phone with him for a while. Jz was fussy. Didn't think he was tired. Fed him to sleep after i hang up on dad. It's 12. He is sleeping. Good! Not talking to R btw.