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2017-01-02 11:03:48 (UTC)

12/9/16 Friday

Argument with sisters on group text. Pick up Yung. Stuck in traffic. Told him what happened. Lectured me again 卧薪尝胆,我不要当洗脚妹!懒着不走。cvs getting deals but can't find 2 items also prices r not right so this thing is not worth it. Home at 4. Watched JZ in room. R came back and stayed downstairs for a while then came up. I was so hungry didn't eat for a whole day only a cup of coffee. Sister is here for dinner. We talked like normal didn't mention this morning fight. They played after dinner until 10. Jz was already tired but played more. I thought long and hard then suddenly hit me I could ask for Shen yun ticket for dad.

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