2017-01-02 11:00:41 (UTC)

12/14/16 Wednesday

Didn't want to go facial because it's gonna be waste of money. I remembered I had it once and it was no change. Also too tired to get up. Drop off JZ with her at 12. Costco. Browsing Groupon for a facial and brows. Called a place and she can take me right away. Also found she does threading. Good. After yelp, I know she is not good but I just want a basic facial and was tired. Found out it's inside jira salon. I didn't have any cash and I'm not planning on giving. I was right It was too simple and threading just got rid of extra hair. She did exactions hopefully thats something. I need to bring my own products to facial next time. The facial made me want get massage so decided to use the gift card today instead of Friday. Was gonna go target but asked his mom and called R. He is going to hospital and said up to me first then said Jz to see cousin. So I picked Jz up.