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2017-01-02 10:58:39 (UTC)

12/17/16 Saturday

Groupon lash extensions. Not as good as her but ok so tipped her $10 when I wasn't gonna tip. Thought she was the owner. Finally found parking near hair. Really like how she sounded. It turned out shorter than I like but it will grow out fast. Tipped her big paid 200. The hair looks good really made me happy somehow. Thinking it will be beautiful looking for a year. Traffic at downtown. Home before 2. His dad was back. Cooked me beef noodle soup. R was in a good mood. Played urbe. Yelled at me in the room for letting Jz play in the bathroom. 忍忍忍。feeding Jz to sleep at 3. 又发神经病,accuse me stealing Jz money by returning his clothes and use on myself. I was so mad came down told his mom. Then back to room 气哭了。came down to feed Jz. Stayed here until 8. His sister came to drop off kid told them too. 气发完了。his mom 真是洗脚组长!我想开自己车,吃自己饭,完全一点不用他家的。保姆自己搞定。