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2017-01-02 10:56:25 (UTC)

12/20/16 tuesday

The nanny came at 10. Therapist. Didn't talk real stuffs just answer questionnaires. WIC. Office. Dad cooked chicken too oily. Groupon mani & pedi. Got the first hot stone massage. Tipped 7. But later on didn't like the square she did. Home. They already ate. Ate with nanny. She said she got another job. If course her mom said day care. 我正着急他爸离开了,我没机会。就跟R上楼。他让鸡爪到他们房间。我借机said找day care吗?我觉得live in nanny好。爷爷同意,奶奶反对。R没意见。爷爷有说奶奶可也没办法。只能说不要找她要。花高价请。I drop nanny off. 结果不理想但也起了一定作用。让她的不懂事再暴露。played with Jz. Shower. Couldn't find my glasses.