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2017-01-02 10:43:18 (UTC)


Stayed up all night browsing and didn't buy anything. R bought Shari bkft. Went to sleep at 10. Got up at 3. Downstairs started watching a new show. Jz was sleepy so came up at 9. Was hoping he would sleep until next morning but R woke up and went down them up again. Had tv on. Jz got up at 1. Brought him down. R came too. Jz won't eat what he cooked him, he blamed on me frozen then defrost it. I was already pissed then took out veggie but he again 怪我don't put it back. I said back 怎么这么苛刻 of course this again aroused him。我气的brought Jz up. He 追来问how and when can I get out of his life. I went down again. Jz was crying and 对他凶。可怜的儿子。he won't eat anything so brought him up. Came to bathroom to shower and text Yung. Jz was crying. He played cartoon on tv for him.