A lady in the crowd
2016-12-30 20:43:56 (UTC)

Reflection of 2016.

Senior year involves a lot of waiting. We wait outside of Mrs. Ramsey's office to pick up our senior shirts; we wait for our names to be announced and awards to be given to us at the Fall Sports Banquet. Then, we wait in line to take Senior Christmas pictures for the yearbook; another hour of waiting passes by for the ceremony to begin. We cross our fingers and wait for college acceptance letters to be mailed out. We wait for our Class of 2017 pictures to be taken, and we patiently wait for graduation day to arrive.

One semester is over; there's one more left for High School to finally come to an end. Cross Country season is done with and what might be my final Track season is soon to arrive this upcoming January.

I have my longest 7-month relationship with Pablo; our bond grows stronger and stronger every day! My mother and I met his grandparents this Christmas. On that same Christmas day, we went out to watch Star Wars Rogue and ate Chinese food at Gallerias. Pablo, my family, and I will be spending New Year's Eve together in Mexicali. I'm leaving town today to clean and organize the house for tomorrow. Let the grand celebration begin!

~Yours Truly,