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2016-12-30 00:00:38 (UTC)

Freaking Nightmares

Dang it!! I only slept 3 hrs last night. Thought I'd be exhausted and not have any nightmares. NO Freaking break!!!! I still get the same haunting crap involving my ex. I can't win.

In the morning, I wake up tired as heck of course. Today, I was working on someone else's network build and he didn't even lift a finger to help fix his problem. Mother effer!!! I didn't even get to take a lunch break and put in an extra hour of work. Hell no. I'm paid salary so this does not do me any good.

Why can't I have nice dreams? Dreams like having S-E-X with some hottie? I don't mind having a chance to repeat that over and over again. But no, I'm not that lucky. I'm in hell state when I go to sleep.

I saw something on Facebook telling us to get an empty bottle and every time something positive happens, I write it on a note and put it in the bottle. Supposedly at the end of the year, I break the bottle and read all the cools things I experienced. I see two problems. I still have zero notes to put in a bottle and my bottle still has tequila in it. :)

That's all for now diary. Thanks for the small break in the action.

P.S. less than two days before I pick up my new need-to-have toy. woohoo!!!

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