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2016-12-29 01:25:32 (UTC)

Another Freaking Expensive Hobby!!

So I'm still waiting till the 31st to pick up my AR15 but I spent so much money already. WTF?! ARs is a gun dealer's dream rifle. There are so many upgrades and accessories you can get. I don't even have the rifle yet and I already bought a scope, mount, extra magazines, ammo, load assist, cleaning tool, etc. I still need to get a case, sling, and shit I don't even know to get yet. lol

Still, I get a high when I'm in my hobby thing. Darts, kayaking, fishing, and I guess I now can include target shooting. All these make me some life flowing inside of me. A purpose or some meaning in life. Not really but I do enjoy this and it kills time and it's way better than sulking on the lazy boy. I hope I don't spend too much more on this hobby for awhile.

Anyway, it's 2 days 9 hours before my 10 day waiting period is over (this is how it is in CA) and I can finally pick up my rifle.

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