Experienced Life
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2016-12-26 23:45:32 (UTC)

Can People Smell Your Soul

I'm just wondering. Can people smell your soul? You know, like how they say dogs can smell your fear. Can your soul be smelled? Can they smell that your soul is beat up? Can people smell it when it's on it's last leg and that it's poison and can do no good? I'm interested because I can't seem to find someone or anyone for that matter to go out with me?

I'm ready to start dating again. I mean really dating. I've closed the door on some things in life and sorry to say this but I have given up on the kiddos. I love them. I care for them. However, as long as the ex is alive, I know full well that she will effe things up for me. I can't really even get upset at her. That's how she is. That's her way. Hope she can work it out with her soul but that isn't really my problem anymore. Sorry but I don't have a choice. My soul is probably already beyond repair but as long as my body is still kicking, I don't really have a choice do I/

So......What do I want? I want to start dating again. Easier said than done. Need to find someone wanting to date me first. haha. I may not be datable anymore because they can smell how messed up my soul is. You folks think I'm funny? It is in a way but I think I may not be too far off.

Nobody is gonna date this tub of lard. I know. It won't matter nowadays about how nice, witty, funny, and thoughtful you are anymore. They want the other kind. Divorce rate is 50/50 currently so I know I'm not too far off. Society has changed. Maybe too many reality shows?

That's why I'm taking up boxing as my way of trying to get fit. Just to lose wait and punch the crap out of something to make me feel better. I know I won't want to run for an hour on a treadmill anymore like before. I need something more fun. I hope this is going to be something I'll have fun doing.

If anything, at least it's something to do. Too much time sitting down on the sofa with all these thoughts rambling around in my head. Maybe I'm just full of shit. Like my thoughts on if a soul can be smelled. lol

That's all I got for now Diary. Thanks again for the tad bit of relief from this real world crap :(