Experienced Life
2016-12-26 23:26:54 (UTC)

My Christmas

I'm assuming like others here posting that their Christmas was not the best. That's why we're here to let our thoughts come out, ramble, and find some sort peace.

I'm out of tears at the moment. My ex taking the kids out of CA is not new so I've gotten used to her crazy antics. Doesn't mean it hurts any less. It just means I don't cry or go nuts anymore about it. Funny how we as humans actually do overcome things that seemed impossible at the time. Now it's like "Oh crap!!! This really suck!" Then the next thing you think of is "Where's the broom to clean up the mess they left behind?" You even come up with a routine on what to do when people literally just move out while you're out at work making 100K a year and giving it all to the family?

Yeah, it gets old. I've ranted a few times about it here over the past few years. Some of my memories are even pathetically funny. I remember one time after work. I had a two story home at the time. I was living alone because the ex already had left to her man. I just remember going straight upstairs. Later that night, I went downstairs to get a glass of water. I have one of those fridges that you push on a lever on the outside for your water. Anyway, I went downstairs to the kitchen. Grabbed a glass and proceeded to push the glass against the fridge lever.

UP until when I pushed the lever and my hand kept going forward is when I realized my ex had taken the fridge. All of a sudden, it seemed like the fridge disappeared and all this food from the fridge was on the kitchen island counter.

Even today, I have to laugh at how funny that was. It sure wasn't funny at the time but it's funny now. So let me ask you this. Who can come up with a funny past like that without making it up huh? lol

Regarding Christmas? I exchanged gifts with two of my buddies at work. That's the only ones I bought gifts for this year. Even then, it was about 300 bucks worth of mostly liquor. And that was just two bottles. One very old whiskey and a big ass special edition of JDs. That was last Friday. Spent the entire weekend pretty much alone except if you count fishing at the lake with a kayak socializing. I got more thoughts but I think I better keep it on separate posts. That's all I got on Christmas diary. Sad and pathetic but at the same time, quiet and peaceful.