Experienced Life
2016-12-24 09:52:12 (UTC)

Waiting on my Assault Rifle

Well, the new CA law is about to take effect starting the new year. CA sure doesn't have their head on straight. Now, law abiding citizens will not be able to purchase AR type rifles anymore. Only the bad guys will get them off the streets.

Even so, I'll still need to register my rifle as an "assault type weapon" before the end of 2017. I mean, just the name is stupid. I never assaulted anyone in my life. I've owned firearms since 1990. In fact, if I had to use a "go to" firearm lets say to protect myself in a home invasion situation, I'd go for my 45 semi-auto pistol and/or perhaps my 12 gauge shotgun. If you never owned on in CA, you will not be able to own one ever.

We have a ten day wait period for DOJ to do their check so pickup will be on 12/31st. Just in a nick of time :)

Anyway, it's something for me to do. New hobby and it gets me off my ass. I have to think of things to do to get my mind and soul from the shit I had to deal with in my life. I got seven more days of waiting. Kinda feel like a little kid waiting for his present :)

Right at this moment this morning, I'm online obviously drinking my coffee. I intend on getting on my kayak to do some kayak fishing though. Maybe off to Amador lake today and try to get some trout.

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