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2016-12-23 12:53:44 (UTC)


So today is one of my better days since I had gotten passed the lies that R spewed in his email. That I addressed them made me feel better. I'm also glad that I could set the record straight since it would seem the supposed friends had more rumors and lies that they not only told him but the ones he dreamed up himself. There was the ones that supposedly messaged him basically to fish. Don't talk to me, talk to him to get more. The biggest one I wanted to address was Ji. This one really got me upset.

I've spoken before about chat room role play. Well Ji was one of those that R had wanted to rush a 3-some story with. He was doing like he had done with Ju with Ji. He was spending all his time with her and in character he was doing it as well. I was practically forgotten and basically was a third wheel. Ji had actually gotten upset about that. She didn't think it was right so she told me. Towards the end, she was telling me that he was abusive and that she couldn't be around him. She was telling me to leave him for being as abusive as he was towards me. I defended him and said that wasn't how he was to me just in role play.

She finally with another friend decided to convince me to open my own room. She said that she would gladly come play there with everyone. So I thought it over and then did open my own chat room. A place I had a long time ago. I dusted the idea off and started over. Well everyone left R's room and came to play in mine. Including Ji. She was telling me she was thrilled that I had gone to do my own thing. That I had gotten away from R as far as that went.

Ji played in the room for quite some time. It was open for nearly a year. She wandered off as she tends to do over time. I didn't think anything of it and just ignored it. Well in R's email he decided to say that it was my jealousy that chased away Ji. I knew that wasn't true and one of the reasons I had told him it was for the best that she wasn't one that he should partner with. I actually sent him the records I had of that as proof that I didn't chase Ji away. Truth be told, logically, how is it possible for me to "chase away" someone with my supposed jealousy that was telling me these things, convinced me to open my own room, and then played there? As I told him, either she lied to him or he is lying to himself. He may have to do some serious soul searching.

Today is work. I'm having a fairly decent day thanks in part to something that happened this morning. Went to go do some shopping only to learn the truck was out of gas. As my son in law was pushing the truck to get it back home, two guys stopped. Not only did they run me to get gas, but they even paid for it. We got the gas in the truck and headed off to do shopping. I'm thankful to see some good in humanity left.

I'm debating though. One of those Supposed Friends decided to like the post on Facebook. I've several times typed out for her to remove herself from it. She has no business on my page. I had even thought to send her a message to remove it. I'll leave it for now, though I should have her remove it. She really should. I'll decide later, but most likely I will end up asking her to remove it. I'll be nice about it, but I see no point for her to be on anything remotely on my page.

I've also found that I'm giving generic, cool answers to those that are in the category of Supposed Friends. Those that are real friends and those that I call family, they get the happy answers. The rest I just am almost business-like in my responses. The ones I feel are just there for the drama and fishing like RN. Those that have no business on my page but to feed the ones that have turned their backs on me. Much like later I may put up the email that I had gotten while I correct things through it. I will be kind and redact names. I may not though. It's just too funny to see. How much R called me "delusional", "lying". "crazy", and so on and so forth. Yes, it shook me a bit reading it at first but then talking with those friends that have been there for me, it made things better and got me from believing all those things he said. It gave me the strength to confront him.

I don't think he really enjoyed my response, but it is what it is. He'll have to deal with it. Actually I think it serves him right to have the mirror held up to him. To show him what he's become since all this began. I don't think he likes what he sees and I'm not sorry about that. I had even thought to put his lovely email up on Facebook for all to see. I did put up about being passive aggressive. Maybe he'll learn something about himself. It will prove interesting. Besides, it's not just for him. I hope it can help someone else that may be going through what I have been with him.

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