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2016-12-19 22:56:40 (UTC)


I didn't get much writing done today. First the internet goes down and had to be fixed. Then if that wasn't enough my computer decided it wanted to act the fool. So it's been a really long day even if I was supposed to just decompress for the day. I should have known better.

So R basically spent the entire day on Facebook. That was strange because he hasn't done that in quite a while. I guess it's finally starting to get to his "friends" how much he really gives a damn. I still find it interesting that they are his friends and they are putting up with him complaining about me. While he won't do it on Facebook itself, he'll do it in person and messenger. I'm sure they've told him the same things they told me. "Oh she's being controlling. You need to block and delete her. You need to just not talk to her. She's trying to control you and make you do what she wants." When a month and a half ago they were saying the same to me about him. How quickly the tides change. Since he's been in WoW a lot lately, I'm going to guess that he kicked me out of HIS guild. I'll have to wait until the end of the month to learn that or not. I'm fairly sure that he was on Facebook to see if I was serious about my no longer posting anything. I'm sure that he half expected to see me say something or do something today. It helped that the net was down and the comp needed to be fixed.

I was going to start on RSS today, but since that's about nine years of problems I'm going to hold off another day. Thankfully since the day he tried to add me to Skype I haven't heard hide nor hair from him. I'm going to guess that his family saw my message and told him to just leave me alone. R had to get in on that because of course it proved that I had told the truth about being harassed and he couldn't have that. To think he accused me of lying about it for it to be proven the truth? Inconceivable! It might actually show that he had been wrong about something.

He still hasn't contacted me. I don't think he knows how. The last few times I was rather chilly with him. I do plan to type up an email for him. I'm sure it's going to be lengthy when I do. I'm going to try and be neutral in it. Though I know the mopey love songs are for J and not me, it's nice to think they are.

I noticed that him and his new partner have split for "OOC reasons". I wonder how long it will be until I'm blamed for that too. I have an apology typed up and ready to go when it starts. I haven't bothered either one of them but it's a logical guess that since I was blamed for the last one blowing up, I'll get hell for this one too. Given enough time that is.

The chest pains came again today. I ignored them once more. Most would tell me that I should have them looked at. I don't want to. Marsha didn't and one day she woke up dead. I'm hoping to luck out like that. It would make things so much easier for everyone. R would throw a party for it. My supposed "friends" would most likely go. I think the only ones that would be upset would be my kids. Then again, it would solve all their money woes as well. So I couldn't say.

Something tells me I'm about due a skype message soon. Something snide and stupid. Don't ask me how I know this, I just do. Be it someone has shown him this diary or that it's finally going to wear on him. I just have that sneaking feeling that I'm due to hear from him soon.

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