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2016-12-14 09:18:51 (UTC)

going back

For the pasted 3 years stuck in a loop that finally crashed in broken into pieces on Monday night. We have this book were to show people's creative side that can anyone can express your talent that you adore! It called Flight! I have 3 months (march 1, 2017 *need to submit before than) to write something good so everybody read it by May 2017.
Choices are : poems, short-stores and photography!

Am doing poems I have a rough cut for 1st one I need two more to be more inspired so can have a better safe ability.
Am having kinda sorta writer block!?!
But am considering, why? My Last final tomorrow....
So have bigger properties to look at it.
I wont back on here by the New year cause my classes are full to the MAX! I need be better student so I need stop half-ass what have been doing pasted 3 years to NEVER reappper !!!!!just because its too harder that cant bare, I need to stop hiding it and speak up to my boyfriend. So can be just his girlfriend and not sound like broken piece of something that constantly needs saving in. I want be good best half to him as he is too me as well that's all I ever wanted to happened in my life I don't want lose it.

I come back in 1/17/17 week after my boyfriend begins again.

I will see you tomorrow to write my last entry and waiting process still holding BY my Last god help, of course. I need his words of guidance and wisdom. I still need more prayers that i need my behalf again.
Math 55- C
HS 121-I have gotten an C
Melanie Martinez - Training Wheel