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2016-12-14 07:35:45 (UTC)

The outcome of this victory! 12-12-13

The outcome of these six months were toughest part to hold on my shoulders, I had to thank an old math professor she seen how hard I was for me I knew I could've give it my last try. So much was falling apart around me, but however my man seen strength in me to make it to next step in the right direction. I honestly it took a lot out of me that I cried so hard that I couldn't breathe! cause I did it. It was a big rush on a adrenaline!!! He knew I was on damn cloud that I deeply wanted to be with him, in that moment I completely couldn't control my excitement from this victory! His has been a big support where I am right I couldn't do it without him, he also passed his finals too am so proud of my man! He also take me out to celebrate it good grade, I will probably wont able say much honestly his my happiness that cant get enough of it! He wished me luck on my last final for my Health Science class tmw at 10am. I also talked to my sis and told her the good news she was also proud of me, and my friend Naomi that was in my biology class!

All those prayers to God was in my behalf was many blesses that I couldn't do it without it, honestly felt overwhelmed with my emotions. I honestly thankful and grateful.

Math 55 - C
Health Science 121 - (not yet post will know after the final)